Pokedeces in Delicos

As far as most trainers in Delicos are concerned, the primary use of a pokedex is registering pokeballs for use. Accordingly, there are three basic tiers of pokedex:

The research pokedex is a self-contained unit with a number of built-in sensors that can scan a pokemon in the wild (or elsewhere), cross-reference the results with a built-in encyclopedia, and tell the user what they’re looking at, along with some amount of vital information about the species. These units are expensive and not really worth it for the average user, but various pokemon researchers and some people who travel far and wide with little support do find the extra capability of this style of pokedex useful. (This is the kind of pokedex handed to the player character in the video games, with automatic identification capabilities, built-in video phones, etc. It’s also the highly expensive pokedex mentioned in the PTU rulebook.)

A thin pokedex is a very basic unit used for very little besides registering pokeballs, used by the average pokemon trainer. It does have a built-in searchable encyclopedia of pokemon, but the user will have to enter their own search parameters. It also allows the user to see the status of any pokemon in their party. There are very basic thin pokedeces with no screens; often called pokefobs, these devices tend to be used by pet owners who don’t intend to capture or trade pokemon on their own, or young children who can’t afford a fancier pokedex of their own yet.

Finally, there is DexApp, which can turn any smartphone with the right capabilities into a thin pokedex. Since its introduction the app has become rather popular with those who can afford the platform and some people believe it is actually helping increase the popularity of smartphones in Delicos, as thin pokedeces are affordable but simply don’t have all the bells and whistles of a smartphone. Reliable rumors say that Silph Co. is looking into phasing out the thin pokedex and releasing a mid-range smartphone with the DexApp pre-installed to replace it.

Delicos PCs are free to start with any of the above options, but starting with a research pokedex requires a justification for it in your character’s background.

Pokedeces in Delicos

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