Sandy Village

Located on the edge of Delicos Bay, directly east from the Floating Town of Salton, Sandy Village is the largest gym-less city in Delicos. Not having an official league presence hasn’t slowed the city down a bit, thanks to its world-famous research aquarium facilities, the carnival atmosphere of the Boardwalk neighborhood, and the infamous Battle Beach.

Talk around town:
Researchers at the Aquarium are serious about their job, constantly jetting off to other Leagues or hosting international scientists. Get an in at the Aquarium and you’ll soon have contacts and friends-of-friends all over the world.

Summer’s over and Sandy’s main tourist season is drawing to a close, but there’s still one big tourist event coming up: the semi-annual Phione Bloom, a two week period when dozens of phione sightings are reported in the Bay. This is assumed to be a simple rest stop for the Sea Drifter pokemon along a longer migration route, but no one has yet been able to track them outside the Bay; very occasionally a very lucky and well-prepared trainer manages to catch one of the semi-legendary pokemon, but such cases are years apart.

League officials are up in arms about the number of frillish and jellicent in Delicos Bay, claiming that their population is ballooning and menacing the local ecosystem. They’ve pushed for several different methods of dealing with the Floating pokemon, including introducing large numbers of carvanha to prey upon them and even trying to find ways to prepare frillish for human consumption! Aquarium scientists are, oddly, silent on the matter.

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Sandy Village

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