Delicos Adventures

Adventure Log - Day Three
July 1st, July 19th, and July 26th, 2016

Now saving…please don’t turn off the power.

Today…um…happened. It was kind of a big mess, really…but I should probably start from the beginning.

Last night I had another dream…it was of…something…getting angry and a cave collapsing around it. It was honestly really scary! I don’t know if it means anything or not, but…I’ll get to that.
I also apparently was so tired that I slept on my diary! …heh…I couldn’t quite get the ink smudges off my face. It was more than a little embarassing… so that’s why the last page is all smudged up.

Anyway, so while we were asleep there was apparently an earthquake! After asking around for a while, we figured out that these things are pretty normal around here. (I mean, there’s a move literally called Earthquake, so..)

After that I decided I’d call Mom and then we’d head south! We talked for a while, and Mom brought up that every once in a while she gets prophetic dreams too…but they’re just that, every once in a while. She said that I shouldn’t be worried too much about my dream, but I’m still a little worried. It’s just so weird…why would I dream something like that?

After I got off the phone, we went south, headed towards Bitters Conference. It was mostly uneventful (I did find a Burn Heal though!)…except for an area where a landslide happened. We ran into some really shady guys that attacked us! We were able to fight them off, thankfully…but the police showed up after that, apparently looking for the people we fought. They apparently thought we were pretty suspicious (Since Punchy went around punching all of the rocks), and…um…they almost took us in for interrogation. Alice was able to explain the situation though, so I’m really happy she was there! They did mention something really interesting though…that they were apparently part of a gang known as Team Brainstorm. …I wonder, are they worse than Team Rocket? Either way, it’s a little scary to think about…

After that, Punchy wanted to stay and punch the rest of the rocks. ._. I don’t know why, but me and Alice decided to go ahead to Bitters Conference, considering it wasn’t too far away. We decided to stop and get ice cream (double chocolate chip, woo!), and set up hotel rooms for the night. Nothing too fancy (seriously, these rooms are really tiny…), but it’s somewhere to sleep, I guess.

Since we still had some time left in the day, Alice suggested that we go to a nearby military base, and much to our surprise we saw Punchy there! There was this weird pile of junk in the middle of the floor, but other than that it seemed pretty ordinary…except for all the furniture lying around. The weird thing is, Lily seemed pretty attracted by that pile…she wouldn’t stop digging in it. Even after I tried to get her away from that pile, she just kept going back towards it…

The other weird thing is that I…heard voices after Lily started digging. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but I definitely heard something. Eventually they…gave up, I think? If I’m right, the voices/Yamask eventually got fed up of Lily(joined by Punchy) digging through the pile, and attacked us! It wasn’t too bad, but as usual Punchy took kind of a beating. I kind of feel sorry for him…almost, because it seems like he keeps getting us in these situations in the first place…although me and him did each catch one, so hey, it wasn’t too bad!

That’s pretty much all for today. Maybe tomorrow won’t be as ridiculous, heh. G’night!

Save complete.

Adventure Log - Day Two
June 17th and June 24th, 2016

Please don’t turn off the power.

April 21st, 2016 – North Bitters
Ugh…today was a long day. I still kind of ache…but I’ll get to that later.
Me and Alice got up this morning only to find that Punchy had already left. After breakfast we decided to try to hunt him down, since Amber wanted us to head back to the ranch.

We headed towards the farmland area to see if we could look for him, and instead we ran into some Helioptile who were stealing berries! Me and Alice were able to fight them off (though one of them hit me with a Tackle, ow…), and the farmers were nice enough to reward us with some berries for our trouble. How nice of them! We didn’t find Punchy though…

Once we got back into town we went over to the Pokemon Center so that Alice could patch me up, and to our surprise Punchy and Amber came by a few minutes later! We went to go eat, and then we headed to the ranch.

To the surprise of no one (except Punchy), the ranch was actually the dojo! What was more of a surprise was that Amber was apparently a normal elementalist! Before we knew it, Punchy chose to challenge it…he was expected to fight Amber and her party of Porygon, Helioptile, and Mincinno. Obviously he couldn’t do that by himself, so I…um….actually volunteered to be on Punchy’s team (after some encouragement from Amber and Punchy), and I…kind of panicked a little bit. I mean, I can’t fight! I mean, I can a little bit, but not well…

And…well…we lost. Alice told me afterwords that it was pretty close, but I don’t know if she was just trying to make me feel better about it…Punchy, um…went down pretty much instantly. Everything ganged up on him, and it was honestly kind of hard to watch. I knew he took a lot, but it was still scary to see him go down so fast…

I found myself using all of my techniques, but even that wasn’t enough…it got to the point where I was so hurt I couldn’t concentrate enough to fight. Thankfully, I was able to concentrate enough to deflect a burst directed to me and Magby(which probably would have taken us both down), and that must have helped with my focus a little bit, letting me concentrate enough to take Amber down! …then I went down myself, heh…

…but yeah…I still ache. I got hurt really bad, probably more than anyone else did. If I hadn’t lost my concentration there, we might have won…but…well, I didn’t, so…I tried my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough. I’m going to apologize to Punchy tomorrow…I just don’t think we’re ready for this kind of thing yet.

Other than…that…not much happened. I was out for most of the rest of the day. I think this whole dojo thing is going to be much harder than we thought………….[the ink after this point is too smudged to read]

Save Complete.

Adventure Log - Day One
June 3rd and June 10th, 2016

[This post series is going to be basically what happens in the adventure from Reina’s perspective. Some details might be off, but those are usually justified in-character. I’ll try to post important details that she may have missed too.]

Saving a lot of data…
Please don’t turn off the power.

April 20th, 2016 – North Bitters
So! Mom suggested I keep a diary of what goes on in my journey, so…here I am writing this! I actually forgot to write in this last night, so this’ll have to be my first entry.

Um…starting from the beginning, I suppose…I had a weird dream last night. It just mentioned “CHASM” several times…I’ll get to that, though. Oh yeah, and we stayed at Alice’s house last night! Anyway, this morning Alice’s mom made us pancakes. They were really good! Eclair (Alice’s Ralts) took a whole pancake with her, it was kind of funny.

Anyway, Alice’s mom told us to go to North Bitters, if we (and by we I mean Punchy) really wanted to try training at the Dojos…whatever those are. We didn’t get too far outside Ambrosia before we ran into some Inkay. Punchy and his Magby got hurt a little bit, but we were able to fight them off. Me and Punchy even captured one! I named mine Edylc c:. Because, you know…Inkay like reversing things….never mind. I’m probably the only one who likes that name.

Oh yeah, and this Mystic…what was it… Selpia! She was supressing their Dark type making it so that me and Eclair could actually fight them. Apparently she got stuck down a ledge when she was trying to study them…Anyway, she could communicate with Unown, and had five of them: C, H, A, S, M. …you can see where this is going.

I honestly don’t know if the Unown knew that this would happen and tried to let me know so I could help, or…? Or maybe there’s something else going on…ugh…my head hurts just thinking about it. I haven’t told Punchy or Alice yet about this…but if something like this happens again I might. I’d probably call Mom too…she’d know what to do.

Right, so the rest of the trip to North Bitters wasn’t that bad (apart from me finding a Shiny Stone! . I know I’m good at finding things, but that’s still pretty rare!). Selpia was nice enough to give Punchy and his Magby a Full Restore to heal their wounds, too.

It was starting to get a little late once we hit North Bitters, so after getting directions and letting Magby and our Inkay rest we went to go get set up at the hotel and a place to eat. (it was REALLY GOOD! Seriously, the food here is great!) Um…anyway. Alice mentioned that Amber (Alice’s sister) worked at a Pokemon Ranch here, and so we decided to stop by there too.

And…well…there was just SO MANY CUTE THINGS!
[The actual diary goes on for at least a page on how adorable the Aron, Fletchlings, Roggenrola, Shinx, Teddiursa, and some other things were. I’ve cut that out for obvious reasons. Reina /did/ get a little too attached to said Aron though, and was probably the most upset when she had to leave him behind.]

I…was really upset when Alice had to drag me away from all of the cute…but I’m kind of glad she did, otherwise I would have been in there literally all night. She caught a friendly Fletchling that was hanging around the ones at the ranch though! That was pretty cool.

Anyway, I need to get in a little practice before bed, so…good night! I’ll remember to write in this tomorrow! Hopefully!

Save Complete.

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