A girl with pinkish-purple hair, unusual taste in clothing, and even stranger taste in pokemon.


Hi, my name is Sarah Elizabeth Lenore Patricia Imogene Abrason, but most people call me Selpia. You know, like how “Donald Jones” is too much of a mouthful so people will just call him DJ? It’s just like that.

I was born in the town of Bitters Confluence (and you thought my name was weird…) and used to spend a lot of my time wandering around the abandoned buildings there. I guess it wasn’t a normal hobby for a teenager since I wasn’t there for company like the other teens, but there was just something so peaceful about wandering around old derelict barracks and offices and whatever other buildings militaries had back when they existed.

When I discovered the unown that inhabited those buildings, I was enchanted. Not literally, but metaphorically. I don’t get how other people can see the unown but not see the beauty and… and the truth in how they move. I think they know more about what’s going on in Delicos than anyone else and I’m going to figure it out from them.


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