Palate Town

A village on the southern side of the Delicos region, Palate Town is a small town that is notable only for having the main residence and personal lab complex of Professor Cinnamon, the region’s premier pokemon researcher. Her sun porch is in fact the closest equivalent to a pokemon center in Palate Town, having a pokecen healing station operated by Cinnamon or one of her interns (just ring the bell if you don’t seem anyone outside).

Palate Town is somewhat notable for being one of the very few settlements in Delicos with neither a Gym nor a Dojo.

News around town:

Professor Cinnamon’s latest intern is heading home to Alium City soon, so there will be a spot opening up in her lab.

The Professor has been importing a lot of foreign grass-type pokemon. Word is she’s trying to breed saltwater-resistant specimens for some reason.

Palate Town

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